Sporting Clays

Our sporting clay course offers 12 shooting stations with different presentations at each one. We offer a 50 round or 100 round course. The targets are thrown in pairs, with some being true pairs(thrown at the same time), or following pairs(thrown one right behind the other).

We stress safety at all times while on the course. You are asked to keep your gun unloaded and the chamber open at all times until you are in the shooter's box and ready to shoot. You are only allowed 2 shells in your gun per pair of targets thrown. The safety on your gun must be on until you are ready to shoot. Your gun should always be pointed in front of you and away from the trap house and the other shooters.

There will be no alcoholic beverages allowed on the shooting course.

Wobble Trap

This stand offers a unique challenge by randomly throwing targets. You never know where the target is going to be thrown due to the rocking motion of the automatic trap. You have a platform from which two people can shoot. You have 25 shots per round.

This game is a fast moving and reloading game. As with all other shooting stations, we stress safety first. Be sure to keep your gun pointing out in front of you at all times.

Five Stand

Our five-stand offers a challenging pattern of 5 targets per station. There are 5 different stations to shoot from on each round. A round consist of 25 targets. You will be thrown a single target for your first shot and you are allowed two shots at it if you need it. The next two pairs of targets will be a pair; one is thrown and when you shoot, the second one is thrown. At your request, you can have the pairs thrown as a true pair. After completing 5 targets, you rotate to the next station until you complete 25 targets.

We stress safety at all times. Please keep your gun unloaded and chamber open until you are in the shooter's box and it is your turn to shoot. Only 2 shells are allowed in the gun at a time. Always keep your gun pointing forward out of the shooter's box when loaded.